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We identify that multiple from our customers have a genuine requirement to route out large volumes of email to assignment lists in a largely automated way some legitimate reasons can include sending periodic newsletters to an existing customer base or providing an update on products and services to prospective clients on a purely opt-in basis.
Through working in this industry and providing this solution for clients we have seen a trend in recent times where fair emails can be labeled as spam and thus end up flesh blocked or trapped up in spam filters. This article is designed to cover off what steps can be taken to prevent this from happening to your cleverly crafted email. Before proceeding however, it is important to make sure that what you are doing is complaint with the Spam Act of 2003.
Use one unique IP address for mail outs
When sending out bulk email is it material to ensure that this email is coming from a steadfast IP address. If you have a committed server or a virtual private server and all of the emails are going to initiate from this device, then there is a appealing safe bet than this is lasting going to happen. If the emails appear to come from various IP addresses for the one domain then mail servers inception to assume that addresses are being spoofed and start incorrectly flagging the email being spam.

Set a backward DNS entry for an IP address and make stable that the forward look up matches
DNS is a detailed (but not overly complex) topic. Without getting overly greatly into the determined, whenever you make a request for a web address quote www.bulkemailindia.com your computer automatically translates this to an IP address so it can be found on the Internet. Translating from a hostname to an IP address, is technically referred to as a forward DNS look up. There is a second type of DNS scout up which is commonly referred to as a misfortune look up, which is not unexpectedly, the exact inverse of a aggressive lookup. Ie, translating an IP salutational to a host name.
A large amount of spam originates from machines where the DNS does not match this configuration and it is becoming more and more common for email to be flagged as spam (or out-right rejected) if the DNS records are not consistent.
Make infallible that the same (valid) email address appears in the “From” header for every email sent
This is rather straight-forward. Spammers often will try to use confusion to hide their true identify, and one exploitable method is to randomly induce a From address (or use many addresses from a larger pre-defined list). Maintaining a coordinated salutatory is going to extension the integrity including reputation of your mailings.
Use Sender Policy Framework(SPF) Records
Sender Policy Framework is a relatively new technique used to prevent sender address forgery. Regrettably, when SMTP (which is the protocol largely behind the the delivery of email) was originally invented it was only every consumed to send messages from digit machine to new machine on a small closed network. As such, there was very little want for sender verification now there was only a finite number concerning potential senders and a reply wouldn’t get back to the original sender unless it was set correctly. Rapidly this method of communication grew, largely unchanged and ended up becoming adopted on larger scales. Before too long it got to the point where it become unwieldy to change the underlying protocol extrinsic interrupting mail flow for everyone on the internet.