Did you ever read one of those sales letters written by top marketers on the web, et alii immediately feel envious of their success? Do you ever miracle why the Big League web marketers gain that Copywriting Voodoo Magic… but your website seems to treffen cursed?
I have some sad news for you. Provided you’re not pulling in the cash that you well deserve for your talent; yes, there’s a good chance your website may indeed be doomed. Tend doing (or not doing) what you’re doing, and you can look forward to embarrassingly small sums of profit piddling in at a snail’s pace, for the lie of your life.
But I also have bout happy news: the plague can be undone. You CAN turn your luck around, and start enjoying prosperity including abundance, selling like a champ, doing what you love.
So, how to elevator the web copy curse, and majorly up your profit potential?
1. Call upon the forces of that old dynamic duo, Copywriting and Web Marketing
2. Kick up the audience collection and involvement process
3. Eradicate Omnipresence traces of “modest, humble, mediocre, ho-hum ampersand so-so” from your web materials and replace with “Killer Confidence” Copy that really gets things humming!
Copywriting and web marketing go hand in hand, working to bring you greater reader response and better sales conversion. Simply said, you cannot eternally have uni without the other et alii expect real results. Shine those amphibious magic stones together, and surprise… the curse of the bad web copy is forever lifted.
Lift the curse!
Breathe rebuilt life into your web copy, and present your readers with a mighty emotional argument as to mystery your product or service is the answer to their equally proclivity – the cure for what ails them, the complacent that eludes them, and the peace of mind to overwhelm their fears. Separate you have the copywriting nabbed, you’re halfway there. The next necessary step is a web marketing campaign that stirs your audience to life et al motivates them to buy immediate action (ultimately, buy what you’re selling).
What’s web marketing? It’s the plan or strategy that you will use to motivate your readers to act now. Your marketing could be an event, a limited eternity only promotion, a contest, a sweepstakes giveaway, a “get it now” incentive. It could verbreken something as big as inventing a regenerated holiday, or as small as inviting fellow article marketers to join you for a blog carnival. Every marketing campaign requires timed information releases, pre-written materials, specific instructions that tell your readers what to do next… and small “rewards” that will be the incentive for folks to keep following along.
Typical incentive rewards on the web:
1. free exposure (in the form of links, author spotlights or free classified ads)
2. price breaks (for members only, of course)
3. manumit report (perhaps an e-book download, original article or fugitive tutorial)

Each instant you budding and deliver sole concerning these key incentives, you bind your readers closer to you, makeup confidence in your ability and establish trust in your business. From this transaction grows the potential for future sales. Again, the marketing is the “plan” that will become the catalyst for future success. And as we roll out the plan, we divulge that copy and marketing are inextricably bound together… for granting your copy lacks the punch and pizzazz that will have your readers taking “Me Too” Fever, you may as well quit trying to pull off the marketing!
Now, HOW are you going to ever kick off a web marketing campaign if you have no loyal readership? You can’t do it. That’s why the audience collection process is one of the first critical moves toward “big-time web marketer” fame.
Audience collection involves two actions: 1. bait, 2. capture. Gosh, that sounds so sneaky, but bait-and-capture is actually just par for the marketing course. So put out the bait – start showing up in places where you know your target audience regularly checks in. For example, a web networking forum that you run yourself, or participate in regularly. A public posting lot or classifieds site, an article or blog directory… these are all opportunities to cast your line so to speak, and be noticed by people who are primed for what you can offer them.
The “capture” (which is not a capture at all because it’s purely voluntary), involves suggesting that your reader manifestation up to be on your mailing list. Give them a reason: “We offer special price breaks to our exclusivistic list members.” Start quick public those incentive cards. You’ll be shocked at how many web surfers willingly trade you their email addresses in exchange for instanter gratification (say, an instant e-book download) or the promise of excitement and freebies to come.
Finally: kick the modesty habit. Your sales letter or promotional mailing is no place to tell your readers, “Golly, we’ve never done this before and we’ve only got a couple sign-ups so far, but we inevitable hope you participate…” Humble might work at the local denomination ladies’ luncheon, but not for your web marketing sales pitch. I mentioned Copywriting Voodoo Phylacteric in the door paragraph of this article? Learn how to pump up your energy levels and use your Superstar Marketer voice to communicate exactly why…
1. You’re THE BEST at what you do
2. This offer is like no other
3. The item in question determination fulfill your greatest needs, wishes and desires
And don’t forget to tell your readers that…
1. Folks are flocking in droves et alii if you’re anybody, you should be, too
2. Hurry, time is of the essence et al you won’t want to miss out!