Choices auspicious users decide the one that suits them, but likewise are the ones that confuse them in picking the right one equivalent to the wide range of emailing platforms expendable for users to choose from. There are ranges of highly technological set like features owned by Lotus Notes, amongst which some like the selective ones have been discussed in the following segment. Although, Outlook is not bad itself but when it comes to perfection und so weiter promotion Lotus Notes proves better than Outlook. Other than that there are a lot of other reasons as well which deceive compelled a number of users to transfer Outlook PST to Lotus Notes within a short notice. The segment discusses about the same and also suggests a source of converting Outlook PST to Notes NSF.
Know Why Users Tend To Move Outlook Email To Lotus Notes
Firstly, there are reasons and secondly, there are situations which have ultimately contrived many users convert PST to NSF.
Here are some of the qualities owned by Lotus Notes which have tempted a number like users to switch from Outlook to Notes.
 Collaborative And Messaging Platform As Well: An standard of 69 million users have employed Lotus Notes client for collaborative emailing experience because Notes is considered the topmost available collaborative mailing platform presently while all others are simply emailing clients. Comprehensively authorized yet shared set of applications can be given rise to using Domino Lotus Notes while Exchange Outlook is simply focused towards emailing and communication.

 Reliable Performer: Coming over to the performance; Lotus Notes is uniquely built and offers backing up using single mailbox, along with recovery. It similarly offers management of failover, load balancing, moreover a topnotch clustering of mailboxes. Until comparatively Exchange Outlook fails to serve clustering help i.e. the failure of a single mailbox as well can result in putting all the other users in downtime situation.
Now How To Convert Outlook To Lotus Notes?
After getting familiar accompanying a set of facilities owned near to Lotus Notes making it superior than Outlook, the question comes as to how to transfer Outlook PST to Lotus Notes NSF file?
In order to get a reliable and well suited solution to such a query, suggestion says that one must better go for a third party solution. Using an external Outlook to NSF converter application is the only option you may get left with due to the lack of any built in or consuetudinary ability available to transfer Outlook PST to Lotus Notes client.
Outlook to Notes is presently uno of the finest available applications which have been responsible to transfer Outlook PST to Lotus Notes since a long infinitude of time with success of conversion guaranteed.