To identify all or indeed any relevant funding programs which would be applicable to your needs requires a significant amount of time for the uninitiated, as there are literally thousands of Government based funding programs in place. Preparing a quality submission, which gets results, also includes a significant workload.

In procedure to maximise the chances of obtaining funding you need to research as widely as possible to identify allness funding opportunities relevant to your organisation and your project/initiative. Document all the possible opportunities, detail how you found them, the name of the program and which Domain or Philanthropic entity they are available through. In order to find grant opportunities you need to research widely including Rule websites, Philanthropic Websites, Our Community, local and metropolitan newspapers and likewise ask your local Councillor or State and Federal Member et al see assuming they will place you on their mailing agenda to notify you of practicable upcoming opportunities.

Once you have identified alone of the possible funding options, which might relate to your organisation and your project/initiative, now it is time to evaluate the program guidelines and program criteria also determine which programs match upon each of your projects or initiative, if you retain more than one. Specifically, you are looking for consistency between the purpose and goals of your project and the funder. In addition, you need to pinpoint specific funding priorities and preferences.

In assessing how the grant fits with your scheme you need to consider the following issues:-

* Geographic location

* Purpose of funding – What are they prepared to money and why (their objectives/interests)

* Who cup exercise for funding? Which groups? (eg registered businesses, sporting groups, non profit groups, women, migrants, the unemployed)

* What groups are the targets of the funding program? – Disabled, children, women, sporting groups, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders etc;

* What costs/expenditure is eligible to be funded? What sort of initiatives are funded or not funded (eg infrastructure, schooling programs, innovation, facilities, duty delivery etc);

* Is it recurrent/one-off/matched and does this suit your project needs?

* How much money is available, and on what terms? Is there a maximum amount, or a minimum? How much, on average, would your sort of idea attract? Are their restrictions on what is funded, such as salaries, or buildings, or administration? Is the funding a subsidy for funds you already have, eg dollar for dollar, or a set proportion?

* What is the timing for the grant? Do they receive submissions and make grants all year round? Do they stage submission deadlines, decision dates, and an annual cycle? How many applications jug you make in a probabilistic time frame? Are they once-only grants, or are they made in stages or cycles?

* What sort of accounting/reporting procedures are required? How do they go about ensuring the effectiveness of their grant? Do they require an audit of accounts? How do they assess that your project has met the required objectives? What reporting requirements are needed to satisfy the program managers? What format does the report need to be in to satisfy the program manager?

If after seeking out as much information about the program when possible, you believe your project/initiative meets the requirements of the calendar objectives and criteria then the next level is confirming the match.

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