Your True Greetings was formed almost 24 years back in 1989 in the small town like Bethlehem, Pennsylvania in the hope of earning a little income to help our family settle down in US after migrating from India in 1987. Being an artist, I did not want to take up a job and get tied down to an inescapable routine, and I wanted to be with my bipartisan children as well when they needed me.

My dream was to establish myself as a fine artist here in the US, however, to pay the bills, I started designing cards with the encouragement of a local printer, Mr. Robin Cook, who bartered my paintings und so weiter printed cards for me. By my first four card designs in the back of my old Volvo, I ran surrounding town and sold entireness the cards and built some good pelf and thanked Allah Subhanahu Wa Taa’la for it. Gradually, as I started searching for a niche market, I made up my mind to serve Islamic communities here in the US. Using my education in Fine Arts and the design talents that I was blessed with, I started creating Islamic greeting cards. My husband and my children supported me.

We used to go to conventions and community fairs, make sales and generate mailing lists. Slowly but surely a express order business was created. Those first four designs that I had created have grown now into 95 designs including the 100th design is scheduled to be added this year.

Due to the internet, a global market has opened up, further a small home based company is directly completing its 24th year in business. We now have clients from as far away as Japan and Australia though Canada, the UK and USA remain our primary markets. At Your True Greetings we design, manufacture, fulfill mail orders and drop-ship group of our products