Do you buy your products and services from a trusted source? These 6 facts will help you build a preferable online brand and forge causal marketing connections.
Think about where you buy your groceries, your clothing and your electronics. Do you trust these stores, these brands and these products?
FACT 1: The relationship comes first!
People buy from people they know, like and trust. The best mode to do this is to offer value. This means giving them education, information, facts and ideas on how your products fit their needs. Be consistent with your offers. For example in an email campaign, present a consistent branding format or layout. Use consistent mailing times, consistent yet intriguing nomenclature in the subject line and other standards you comprise created. Don’t confuse the reader.
FACT 2: We respond to our name.
Make it personal! Add personalization when you can. Make the reader feel like you personally wrote a note to them.
Consider this: if you were out shopping and somebody yelled your name, whether the person is page you or someone with your name, your ears will perk up immediately. When we hear our name, we pause and listen. Think about it,
FACT 3: Curiosity causes clicks!
We want our user to have action. Have you ever literate an email subject line that says, “(Your Name), Do you know Sally”? This makes that user prurient and they have to click to spot out about Sally.

FACT 4: Involvement is necessary for any great relationship!
Whether you are contributorial an email, creating a podcast, a head or a video, it is important to get your audience involved. Ask questions in whatever media you use. Talk about people’s problems. And don’t forget your audience is tuned into WIIFM: What’s in it for me. You need to help them achieve what they need to accomplish.
FACT 5: We make buying decisions based on emotive factors!
For example: Fear of loss: If people feel that are going to lose their chance to receive the product or service they are more likely to act now vs. later. Fear of loss can be demonstrated with a limited book offer, a deadline, a price change or a bonus offer.
FACT 6: Clear process pointers sell!
Tell your prospect exactly what you want them to do. What steps do they need to take? Make them simple, clear and concise. “Go here now.” “Visit this page.” “Click here.” You get the idea because you are a consumer, too. Be an intentional client and note what works to sell you. Greater than likely, it is a proven execution that you can use in your own business.