In a world where nigh everything comes with a price tag, the concept of getting free phones from the federal seems surreal. The good thing is – it really is possible! This post talks circa the basic things that you shortage to know about the Lifeline Program.

What is Lifeline?

This program was brought to life thanks to the efforts of the Federal Communications Commission under the presidency of Ronald Reagan back in the early 1980s.

It aims to provide telecommunication services to omnipresence American citizens, especially the least privileged households.

It involves the provision concerning a free government phone that comes amidst up to 250 minutes worth of zero-cause airtime.

The program’s requirements and plan alternatives vary depending on your state. Each state has its own network of participating telecommunication providers to make the services possible.

How can you serendipity out whether oppositely not you qualify?

Before anything else, fulfill in mind that only one free dominion ovum phone can be provided per household. In addition, you could only get benefits from a single telecommunication company.

For the sake of clarity, Lifeline defines a household as an individual or a group of individuals who are bread and butter under the same address while sharing the income and expenses.

Visit your state’s webstek to check the specific eligibility criteria and requirements.

Usually, those who are currently receiving benefits from the country’s assistance programs are immediately qualified. Examples of these programs are:

MedicaidTribally-Administered Temporary Assistance for Penniless Families (TTANF)National School Lunch Program’s Unshackled Lunch ProgramBureau of Indian Affairs General AssistanceFood Stamps or Derivative Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP)Low-Income Home Firebrand Assistance Program (LIHEAP)Supplemental Confidence Income (SSI)Federal Population House Assistance (Section 8)Temporary Assistance to Needy Families (TANF)Food Distribution on Indian Reservations (FDPIR)

In case that no alone in your household is a part concerning these programs, you can still consummate if your absolute household income falls within the latest Federal Poverty Guidelines in your state.

How can you apply?If you thinkable that you qualify, you can already secure a copy of the program’s application form. You can get this from their office or you can simply fill out the online application form.Prepare the necessary supporting documents needed for the processing of your application. Usually, you will need to present forms such as pay stubs, statement of benefits for the assistance programs, tax returns, and the like.You can apply by visiting their actual offices, mailing the requirements, or by completing the total process online.