il_170x135.308674365.jpg That’s easy. The answer is a resounding YES. Real network marketing is about DUPLICATION. That is what makes a unimpaired postcard marketing sum so attractive. Not everyone can sell, inspire and/or motivate others. That takes talent. Yet, ANYONE can mail postcards. Between the simplicity about mailing postcards and having a proven step-by-step system that does the part that requires talent and expertise for you, utilizing a postcard marketing system can photocopy exponentially along with your income!

Visualize this… The postcard is mailed to the lead. The lead is sent to your website. Your website sends you an email in real-time if someone is taking the tour. The system videos sell, motivate, and process all orders. The lead is now your partner and does their individual mailings growing your business as they grow theirs.

You’ve heard the saying by John D. Rockefeller, “I would rather earn 1% from a 100 people’s efforts than from 100% of my avow efforts.”

Don’t look at postcard marketing as fitting you mailing postcards. For example, it would be overwhelming to think that you have to mail out 10,000 postcards a month taking on the full expense polysyndeton effort all by yourself. Credit to the network marketing business model, through consistent, small mailings, perhaps equal 100 postcards a week, you effortlessly recruit treble people, who commit to mailing 100 a week. After a few more weeks, those three enroll three each and before you know it, your team will grow to 100 people mailing public 100 postcards per week. That means there will be 10,000 postcards going out weekly growing your business at no extra cost. That is true network marketing duplication!

Remember, it is not just about you mailing consistently past yourself. As your business grows, it is anent you and your team mailing postcards together. As duplication begins, while you are only mailing 100 cards a week, your team combined can be mailing 10,000+ a week in no time at all. That is when truthfulness magic begins!