teamwork.jpg The PHP framework has recently gained a lot of popularity in the past few years. Web development community is noticing this platform. The article describes the various reasons behind using the PHP platform.

When someone decides to appoint PHP programmer to develop a snare application with a database back end, a rich user interface, and complex business logic, the PHP frameworks choose help removing obstacles that come in the way. There are different components like the user accounts, page security, gregarious permissions, character encoding, sullen site scripting, data connectivity and alternative issues that needs to be considered for the web application. These are some effects that need to be thought finished when deciding the various nuances of the application.

Code and File Organization

Creating an organized code is not as easy as the creation of /inc cover and a functions.php file. When setting up the PHP framework, there already exists a certain anatomy of the folder. It is expected to sequent the same standards and keep them organized in the same manner. Once you get used to this model, you will never want to go back.

Unfortunately for some command line champions that also use vi, this can be a challenge. You will need to labor amidst again files that are smaller. But when you use a decent modern code editor uncertainty an IDE, it preference be a blast to browse through your application code and locate what you need, quickly.

Utilities et alii Libraries

PHP is a great language for web development and provides countless number of tools and libraries. However, if you ever try to build a whole website with PHP alone, you will locate yourself either hunting down a quantity of third party code et al libraries, or get to write them yourself. All apex PHP frameworks come with certain Libraries and Helpers that help you with:

* Form Validation
* Input/Output filtering
* Database Abstraction
* Session moreover Cookie Handling
* Email, Calendar, Pagination, etc.

Not to mention, there is plenty of plugins provided near the community that you cup add to your framework.

The MVC Pattern

The famous Model Panoramic Controller Pattern dates all the way back to 1979, when a guy named Trygve Reenskaug (a Norwegian computer scientist) germinal described it. PHP itself works like a template engine. However, though used irresponsibly, it leads to very ugly and maintainable code.

The way the MVC Pattern applies to PHP applications:

* Models represent your data structures, usually by interfacing with the database.
* Views contain page templates and output.
* Controllers stem bellboy requests including bind everything together.
* This kind of separation leads to cleaner and more maintainable code.


In PHP, you tin already find many input and output filtering functions to defend your website against certain attacks. However, manually using these functions can get tiring and you may forget about them every occasionally. With a framework, most of the work can opheffen done for you automatically. For example in CodeIgniter:

* Any value passed to database protestation gets filtered against SQL injection attacks.
* All html generating functions, such as form helpers furthermore url helpers filter the energy automatically.
* All user input can be filtered against XSS attacks.
* Encrypting cookies automatically is only a matter of changing a config option.

Less Code & Faster Development

There is of course a learning curve for all PHP Frameworks. You will write less code, which means less time spent typing. You will not retain to chase down third party libraries all the time for every new project because most of them will come amidst the omit framework install. In addition, since you are being more organized, it will indiging much faster to chase down bugs, uphold code, and effect changes to existing code.

Community Support

All popular PHP Frameworks have great active communities behind them. You can talk to other developers, win help, feedback and give back to the community yourself. There are message boards and mailing lists. You cup also philology a lot by just browsing the forums and look at what added people are talking about.