Paper marketing is a proven strategy to attract traffic connective generate sales in an online business. This process is contrived easier by using automated article submitter software which I use myself. Now, this is my personal review of the Submit Your Article submitter. Detailed here are the services they offer and their bundle costs.

Plans and Pricing

Submit Your Article has a wide variety of article directories, blogs, and mailing lists of opt-in publishers looking for content. But where your article gets published depends on the membership logistics that you choose. Their key plan, which is further popular essentially the Pay As You Go Plan costs $2. This allows you to enter a single article that will be sent to 100 article directories. Another is the Bronze Plan, which costs $19.95 per month. This permits you to submit boundless articles that will be sent to 300+ directories and 700+ publishers.Next is the Silver Plan, which costs $49.95 monthly. This is the most in demand architectonic because it will get you started. It allows you to yield unlimited articles to 300+ directories, including the top 7 directories and 700+ email publishers. You can also benefit from Submit Your Article’s other features enjoy Article Trickle, Article Scheduling, Article Leverage and Captcha Code Bypass. Then, there comes their Gold Plan, which costs $69.95 through month. It allows you to use all the tools moreover features mentioned in the other plans, plus you can use multiple pen names, get 2,400+ real niche targeted blogs, Naked Articles, Advanced Article Leverage and Full Distribution Reports.


Submit Your Article’s tools besides features are easy to use. If you are a beginner, you need not to worry because it offers training modules and videos to familiarize yourself with its tools, such as Article Leverage, Advanced Article Leverage, Naked Articles and Article X. It also provides its members with marketing training guidelines, connective reports on how often your sites or articles are viewed.To cite one example, here is Article Leverage. It is believed to be their most popular feature. It will just require you to encode or enter your article on the dashboard, including its title, body, keywords, capital box and category. Then it will ask you to spin the article to produce different versions of the content structure before it is distributed to different directories. Earlier your article is ready for distribution, you still have the prerogative to decide on how long the distribution process will take. Remember that once you submit your article for distribution, it goes through a manual check which tin take up to 24 hours to be approved. If for some reason your article is declined, just fix the problem ampersand re-submit it.

Customer Support

Submit Your Article submitter company makes it easy for customers to contact them at times they need help. They presented several venues on where customers can circulate timely support. Customers can launch an email or create a trouble ticket to ask for assistance. You can also use its Live Sustentation System which is periodically available.