Google well known for its popular scour engine is an American international corporation which has provided various internet based services to the people which includes reconnoiter engine, cloud computing, software as well as the facility of advertising. The mailing service from Google is provided by its website known as It is a very famous mailing service. You can send most of your documents, music, videos as well as pictures to your friends through this website. Google search engine is the world’s most widely used search engine. Over one million servers are run by Google around the world in the data centres

Very quick Google is also going to launch its latest online storage service. This service is launched in the form of GDrive. It can also be called as the prerequisite of the online hard disk to the user. Very soon you will be provided the ease to store the data with a size up to 5GB online. To supply the data online will lift you to prevent the wastage of the insensitive disk space. The user will be provided with storage of 5GB. It is said that the picture of the GDrive will be provided on the desktop screen of the Microsoft Windows as well as on the Mac connective the user has to just drop the file on the icon in order to sale it to the online hard disk i.e. on the GDrive.

GDrive online emporium service will be a great sort like competition for various cloud computing services such Dropbox. Users can easily store the documents, music, videos etc. remotely on their online hard disk instead of storing it on your system’s penetrating disk. Google Documents are already available online which allows the user to store 1GB of data online. This cloud computing service offered apart the Google has many advantages to the user. Now user can store its data online instead like wasting their computer’s arcade space. After storing the data online, you can access the data anywhere, the only terms is the presence of a calculator as well as an internet connection. It also doesn’t have the explosive of the misplace of the material that can happen in case regarding failure regarding hard disk of your computer system.

The trend of this cloud computing is becoming cheap lifetime by day because now-a-days people have started using the computer and this cloud computing helps them to access their files at any time and at some place just besides using an APP or the Web Browser.