Best Agile Project Management Software – Top 3 Recommended Reads

The concept of best agile project management software started life as a touch of a buzzword within the IT industry, but has grown to encompass an entire range of other disciplines too. Over the years, projectmanagers and delivery organisations have come to understand that an agile methodology may be a much better way of developing well thought out, thoroughly fit purpose products in any swift moving, modern environment.
If you have been hearing the ‘agile’ term bandied about in your organisation and are wondering what it’s all about, it might be an honest time to urge on board and determine more about this popular concept within the project management world. likelihood is that your superiors will, eventually, want to adopt some or all of the agile methodology for your working environment, so by brushing up your knowledge early , you will be during a good position to steer the way when the time is true .
Here are three of the absolute best books out there which can assist you get to grips with agile in no time in the least .
1. Best agile project management software for artificial (Mark Leyton, PMP)
The ‘dummies’ series of books are documented for taking often complex streams of data and presenting them in easy to digest formats. That’s exactly what’s been achieved with their agile book, written by Mark Leyton who isn’t only a highly experienced PMP but also a licensed Scrum Trainer and chair of the LA agile leadership network. it is a great guide to agile, covering everything from tools and techniques to project management approaches.
2. Best agile project management software: Creating Innovative Projects (Jim Highsmith)
This is an excellent book for all levels of management, and has been written by one among the first adopters of the agile methodology, software developer and agile consultant Jim Highsmith. Highsmith pours his extensive experience and knowledge into the pages of this guide, creating a source of endless best practice information and help. He also guides on the simplest ways to integrate agile into your regular project management methodology, and the way performance measuring can encourage more agility in your teams.
3. Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the foremost Popular best agile project management software Processes (Kenneth Rubin)
Every scrum is agile, but not every agile is scrum. Did you recognize that? If not, then this book is well worth a read. Put together by a former director of the Scrum Alliance and a licensed Scrum Trainer, this is often an entire reference for everything that’s scrum. an excellent initiative into seeing how agile methodology like the scrum and sprint can really make a difference to your team.
There are more excellent books out there which can assist you get to grips with agile PM, also as reams of online resources like project management podcasts and e-learning project management courses, which you’ll investigate at your leisure to urge up to hurry with this process. Getting agile may be a good way to make innovative products at a rapid pace, so albeit your organisation isn’t officially adopting agile within the near future, becoming best agile project management software conversant in the methodology goes to form you a far better projectmanager overall.

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